Birth of a Dynasty: A Camera’s Victory Lap Around Lake Merritt on Parade Day

On Thursday, June 15th the city of Oakland gathered to salute the team that won its second championship trophy in three seasons.  Looking to document the dynamic spirit of the city in a critical year of transition, I took a celebratory lap along with the team around Oakland’s Lake Merritt.

There’s much art in the spirit of a city.  I hope the selections give visitors to the site a taste of the color, joy, and breadth of diversity that Oakland breaths at this moment.  I also hope the photographs succeed in showing how the city identifies with this team and vice versa.

This championship comes with inevitable change looming for those hanging on by a string to stay in a community they know and love and those instigating the class and race shifts that are palpable.  One literally cannot ignore the way change is floating in the air.  As you will see this is not hyperbole but written across the sky for all to read. Those who follow my blog know my ongoing project is taking up gentrification as the subject of my photography.  These selection are part of a larger project coming together this year. I’m glad to anticipate this set in honor of an exemplary team and a great city.







Sun Kissed Hill Tops & Bay Panorama


Sun Kissed Hill Tops and Bay Panorama, Oakland, CA, Summer 2016.  OE-M5 1/100, f.14.0, ISO 200.

I was driving home after a party at Tilden National Park when this panorama opened as I cleared a curve on the road. I had to pull over to take a few frames with my EM-5. Without a tripod in hand, I rested the camera on a guard rail stump.

The sun kissed tree tops of the Berkeley Hills are my subject, the gratuitous back ground was a bonus given how clear the day was. The photo also shows the most significant land marks of the SF Bay, including the Berkeley Hill tops.