Cheap Thrills


It’s amazing how much fun a kid can have with a hill and a bit of space to run on.

I like how the only person aware of the lens happens to be kind of shy, yet friendly. We can’t tell if the mother is totally unaware or if she is also totally enjoying the cheap thrills being had just above her.

I happened to be moving around this day from an estuary clean-up to a visit to an Outdoor Afro program out on Oakland’s Lake Merritt when I saw the kids taking turns making a roller coaster out of the steep ground.┬áCovering this much ground yields little gems like this.


OLYMPUS MIRORLESS DIGITAL, M5 (ISO 200 / f.5.6 / 1/4000)

Lowriding Familia

Lowriding Familia (Lowrider Series), Niles CA, Spring 2015.

Lowriding Familia (Lowrider Series), Niles CA, Spring 2015.


Cars, chrome, and family are what makes these events special. This shot is emblematic of the family values car culture tends to affirm. Like the family home, the family lowrider is a source of unity and pride.